The Most Common Mistake Beginners Make When Learning Piano

October 4, 2017

Piano lessons are everywhere. When you go outside your village, when you go to the mall, when you go to the school, you can definitely find at least center that teaches how to play the piano. However, there is a common mistake that affects far too many new piano students. In fact, this is apparently the number one mistake beginners make when learning the piano.

Learning Piano is Not Hard

Learning how to play the piano is not hard at all. Nowadays, there are lots of piano lessons for beginners you can find on the Internet. If you want to learn it in the vicinity of your house, you can just sign up and select your preferred schedule.


As easy as that, you can start learning about the instrument. Here is the catch. Do you know that there are really only a total of 12 keys you need to learn in piano? That’s right, its only a dozen of keys. Even if you’re in front of the piano that has the full 88 keys, you only need to memorize 12 out of it. This is because each section of your piano is just a series of the same 12 keys. ¬†They just repeat continuously and over across the length of your whole instrument.


See? It is not really hard to learn the piano. In fact, even a kid aging 3 to 4 years old can memorize those necessary 12 keys. So, why not change the way you think about playing the piano?Forget that learning piano, or any other instrument is hard because, in fact, it’s not at all! Drop that common mistake beginner make when enrolling in a piano lesson.

The Goal is Mastery

Knowing the keys on the piano is extremely important, especially if you want to learn to play the piano and actually enjoy it. Maybe you have been taken lessons before and they didn’t stick. Or maybe you’re a total beginner! Either way, the best advice to you is the same:


Take your time to get to know every single one of those all-important 12 keys. Take them seriously since they are the keys that will open your door to learn more and more. Determine where they are and their location in relation to each other. Your goal is to master the keys.


Always remember this: you are smart enough to learn how to play the piano. Just put in a little extra effort at the beginning so that you can be someone soon!